Dawipo Key Features

Integrate Supply Chain Information

All the information interchanged by the company with suppliers and logistics providers is captured in one place. Monitor and analysis have never been so efficient.

One platform to replace a thousand files

Forget about endless Excel files with information gathered through emails, phone calls, or manual data entry. Dawipo will handle it all and keep it always up to date.

Captures Purchase Order Journey

Track the entire process, from the creation of the order to delivery to the customer. Take decisions based on a 360° view.


Why Choose Dawipo?

In a traditional supply chain operation, there are too many stakeholders and Information is divided among all. As a result, companies lose control of its operation and become inefficient trying to keep on track. DAWIPO solves it all:

Data Ownership

Our customers become owners of their data, not depending on their supplier's systems that only provide partial information.

Data Transparency

Thanks to our Blockchain technology, data will always be secure, encrypted, immutable, and accessible to all stakeholders.

Data Insights

Track & Trace orders and shipments with alerts and notifications so you can take on-time decisions to maximize your operation.

Feel the power

Know the first solution specifically designed to manage supply chain operations for small and medium-sized companies. Dawipo is more than just an useful software - it is a competitive advantage.

The Purchase Order Journey

Dawipo captures the Purchase Order (PO) information from its creation and enables to keep real-time tracking, until customer delivery. Its multiple status and features facilitate daily planning for operations teams and provide better information to sales and final customers:

  • Dashboards, alerts, and reports automatizated.
  • Supplier order confirmation.
  • Consolidation for international transport.
  • Documents data base.

Easy to Implement

Dawipo is a cloud software. No installation is needed on your laptop or desktop. Dawipo can integrate with multiple ERPs to receive the purchase order from our customers as the starting point. Guided implementation process will be fast and easy.

Grow with your business

Dawipo has different plans that allows our customers to adjust the functionalities to the size and needs of their business.

Secure Network

Data and documents are gathered directly from the different shipping lines, freight forwarders, brokers, and trucking companies, encrypted and secured using BlockChain technology.


We have created a modular software with plug and play functionalities that can be activated based on our customer´s business requirements.

Purchase Order Management

Control of quantities and dates cargoes are delivered by the supplier. Track PO milestones, save documents and evaluate supplier´s performance

Shipping In

Track the shipments from pick up to the arrival destination.

Shipping Out

Track the shipments from pick up to the arrival to destination country. Include transport and customs milestones, save documents, and evaluate logistics providers performance.


Get alerts, dashboards, reports and performance evaluation of your supply chain and suppliers’ performance.

App Screen

Our Powerful

Supply chain management can be a nightmare if it is not controlled properly. Dawipo provides full visibility in one unique platform, improving the communication and productivity of logistics, planning teams and also your suppliers.

Need More Reasons?

Save time and money

Intuitive navigation that allows the team a fast-learning curve, winning efficiencies on daily repetitive tasks.

Leverage Communication

Make it easy for your team to interchange information with suppliers and logistic partners.

Optimize and Save

Visibility on supply chain allows companies to optimize their resources, reduce inventory, and make faster decisions that lead to a better customer service.

Admin Dashboard

Introducing Complete Admin Dashboard

We designed the Admin panel to manage the heart of the Supply Chain.

  • Easy Access to orders and shipments.
  • Information summary.
  • Action require alerts.
  • Mobile Friendly and Support all modern browser.